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A Colorful Bottle Brush Forest!

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I found these ADORABLE bottle brush trees at Target! #Ad You cannot beat the deal because I have been looking ALL over for a rainbow sisal forest and these are just perfect! Honestly, I haven't found a better deal or option anywhere. These tree sets can run in the hundreds on Etsy and specialty sites and it is why I have held off buying them. I was not expecting them to be so great - as you can see I bought every color.

I also grabbed these birds too which are quite possibly my favorite snag this season! #ad

Cutest birds EVER

They all clearly needed names... you can find them out below!

My beautiful forest! 

My ledge wound up being the perfect spot for my forest! I combined the trees linked above with a bunch I found in the dollar bin at Target and ones I found at Michael's during their clearance sale. Some I had before, but the anchor pieces were the Target ones. Ideally I could find a 12" purple and 10" inch plum tree - but it's working for right now!

Here are some close ups!

I think this one needs to be named Velma
Leonora. Obviously
Pippin maybe?
Edgar. Definitely Edgar.
Hmm.. Thaddeus
Annndddd.. Iris. After Iris Apfel who is the GOAT.
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