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A Perfectly Pink Halloween

I love traditional Halloween colors, but lately I am loving the pink vibe! Check out some of my favorite pink Halloween decor finds!


Skull Makeup Brush or Pen Holder

On your desk with pens, in your bathroom with makeup brushes, or on a mantle with black flowers - I'm in love with this! Heck, this guy can live in your home year round!


Pink Coffin Letter Board

Spooky? Check! Girly? Check! Awesome? Definitely. Love these letter boards!


Pink Witchy Blankets

I love that this is pink but still sufficiently creepy!


No You Hang Up Pillow Cover

Does this even need an explanation? Loving the horror and cute mashup going on here.


Cute Pink Bat Table Runner

This is definitely the cute side of pink Halloween! Perfect for a little spooky feast!


Pink Neon Ghost

How cute would this guy be in a window? Or even on the mantle.


Mini Velvet Pumpkins

These little pumpkins are perfect for tiered tray, table-scapes, or mantles! Also, there are a lot more colors options too!


Pink Faux Pumpkins

Check the size on these (they're a little smaller) but these are perfect for crafting, decorations, and more! If you go on the link, there are tons more color options too!


Sparkle Detail Pumpkins

These pumpkins are so cute they can go from Halloween to Thanksgiving!


Pink Tiered Tray Decor

I'm a sucker for tiered tray decor and this set is adorable! Pair them with those mini velvet pumpkins.


Ghost Tree Skirts

I'm a big fan of Halloween trees (because why not?!) and these are the perfect complement!


Pink Candle Holders

These pink candle holders can be paired with black tapers for a Halloween vibe, but can make a second appearance later at Valentine's too!

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