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Meet the Team

Kimberly, Amanda, and Sydney have been friends for years, bonding over a shared love of deals, crazy DIY ideas, and hating laundry
(can’t it just do itself!?).

Right before the world turned upside down in 2020, they decided to share that love by launching Snagged It on Facebook - as a place to share deals, and reviews, with a healthy helping of snark.

As their group hit nearly 100,000 members, they decided it was time to expand! So - here we are! The team is so excited to share not only their deals and finds, but their first-hand reviews and lifestyle inspiration.

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hey there!


Kimberly is a mom of three kiddos, ages 16, 9, and 4 (she went for the installment plan).  She has an amazingly patient husband who puts up with all her crazy ideas - and there are lots! Depending on the month, she’s either into intricate sugar cookies, furniture refinishing, or writing a book - but never for too long at once because… SQUIRREL!

She has lived in nine different states but is pretty stuck now on account of the fixer-upper they bought that she refuses to leave after all the darn work it’s taking.

Kimberly got her law degree from Notre Dame (Go Irish!) and works as a trial attorney. Her life goals include getting all the laundry in her house done at once, learning how to put up wallpaper without it bubbling, and traveling to all seven continents (but she’d settle for 6).

There’s never a dull moment at Kimberly’s - like that one time a raccoon busted into her living room through her chimney.  Oh, and she really hates guacamole.

how’s it going?


Amanda is a mom of two young boys who keep her on her toes. She can multitask with laser focus all while barreling through one thing after another (just don’t ask her to do the laundry- that’ll take days).  

You may catch her making pasta from scratch one day, blending scents for her next batch of soy candles on another, or vegging on the couch fulfilling her obsession with all things reality TV. 

While her plate may seem full (oh and it is) she is living the keto lifestyle in a house that loves and eats ALL THE CARBS.

Somehow in that madness, she finds time for her “Muggle job” as a trial attorney, working out, and being a butler to her spoiled pup.

But as they say - it’s all about balance - one giant balancing act that she could not do without her husband, especially when she is running late and still stuck at work. 

nice to meet you!


Sydney is a busy mom of two girls, ages 9 and 14, that keep her on her toes. She and her husband love eating, traveling (when they can!), and subjecting their kids to delightfully cringy 80s and 90s movies.  

Her favorite snags are the ones for her kitchen and she is always on the hunt for eco-friendly swaps to reduce waste. She credits her OCD and daily coffee for allowing her to juggle family, work, passions, and attempts at self-care (ha!)... and she apologizes in advance for anything she says when she's hungry.

When she isn't spending time with her fam or looking for deals, Sydney is a Legal Operations Manager with over twenty years of experience in the tech industry. She loves her day job, but definitely not as much as she loves chocolate.